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Small Holding Equipment
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Tel 01404 841820 - Mobile 07789228101


Snow Ploughs Hydraulic Crane transport boxes rippers & subsoilers Tipping Trailers post hole borer Back Hoe rollers harrows

ROLLERS from £420.00 +vat

Harrows from £195.00 +vat

Cranes  From £310.00 +vat

hedge cutters

Hedge Cutter from £3750.00 +vat

Back Hoes from £3700+vat

Log Splitters

Geo Flail Mowers Stone Buriers Grader Boxes

Wood Chippers from £595.00 +vat

Grader Boxes from £450.00 + vat

Smallholding and Equine Equipment, Compact Tractors and Accessories, Toppers. Flail Mowers for ATV & Tractors, Wood Chippers, Hedge Cutters, Arena Levellers, Stone Burriers, Tillers, Post Hole Diggers and much more.                              

pallet forks log splitter

Welcome to Smallholding Equipment, our aim is to supply the UK with only the best equine and smallholding equipment at competitive prices. We are committed to providing farmers, small holders and even equestrian enthusiasts a wide range of products to choose from.

Amongst our wide collection we have something for everyone, from flail mowers for ATV and tractors to equine arena levellers and bale movers. We have carefully selected the products we stock due to their quality and reliability but also much of our equipment is manufactured here, in the UK.

We are also proud to be one of the leading stockists of some of the leading brands in smallholding and equine equipment including Geo Products, Chapman Machinery, SCH and Winton Agri-Machinery. Contact us on 01404 841820 in Honiton, Devon where we supply the full product range from all brands.

Speak to a member of our team today and we can help you find whatever product you’re looking for. However, here at Smallholding Equipment we listen to your needs, if you have any special requirements or requests we can modify a piece of equipment to suit you.

Call to find out about our special offers and delivery on 01404 841820 or fill out our quick and easy enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

agrint topper agrint finishing mower agrint flail mower

We supply a full range of mowers including: Flail Mowers, ATV Flail Mowers, Verge Flail Mowers, Finishing Mowers, Topper Mowers, Rotary Topper Mowers and Hedge Cutters.

winton wood chipper winton atv flail mower

Log Splitters

Pallet Forks

£262.00 + vat

Post Hole Diggers

£625.00 + vat

Tipping Trailers

£1179.00 + vat

Transport Boxes

£292.00 + vat

Rippers & Subsoilers

£242.00 + vat

Call us today for best price and Delivery

winton agri-machinery Winton Agri-Machinery agrint groundcare equipment

Offset Verge Flail Mowers

winton verge flail mower verge flail mower

From £1620.00 + vat

Offset Verge Flail Mowers

 TOPPERS from £585.00+vat

 Flail Mowers

From £765.00 +vat

Stone Buriers from £1240.00 + vat

ATV Flail Mowers from £1495.00 +vat

Snow Ploughs from £605.00 +vat

Wood Chippers

Equipment for ATV / UTV From Paddock Cleaner.Com

Backhoes, Post hole diggers, Tillers, Disc harrows, Spreaders, Flail Mowers, Mowers and much more

Spreaders, Flail mowers, Mowers and much more

Equipment for ATV / UTV

Agrint is the customised products division of Del Morino Srl in Italy. Quality through innovation is the principle of the company who has been dedicated to supplying high-quality groundcare machinery & implements to the agricultural, landscape and amenity sectors for more than 140 years.

Agrint Groundcare Machinery chapman TF350 Livestock Feeder

TF350 Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker is the perfect tool for feeding sheep, cattle and other livestock in a easy and effective manner, behind an ATV, UTV, 4×4

TF350 Livestock Feeder

Chapman Machinery TF350 Livestock Feeder

Lawn & Turf Care


Sprayers & Water Units

Sweepers & collectors

Broadcasters & Spreaders


Sports Maintenance

SCH Supplies Log Splitters ATV Equipment

From £1495.00 + vat




Flail & Topping Mowers - Livestock Feeders - Weed Wipers - Menage Graders - Bale Transporters - Game Feeders - Trailers - Paddock cleaners

Working The Soil

Tillers - Harrows - Stone Buriers

Work The Soil Chapman Machinery

PC120 Paddock Cleaner

NEW Summer 2019

Honda Engine - Electric Start - Electric Tipping - 400ltr Hopper

paddock cleaner